This is a feather in our cap. One of the most innovative machine automation project that we have done so far.

In digital X-ray inspection, a radiograph of an object penetrated by X-rays is directly displayed on a screen. In the process called ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition) using X-ray radiation, the interaction of an operator is not needed to evaluate the X-ray image for any existing defects such as porosities, inclusions and other identified defects. This task is carried out automatically by an image evaluation algorithm which must, however, be parameterized and also monitored regularly by a trained staff.

While configuring the ADR program, a fixture/holder must be constructed, that will allow the test items to be inspected without backlash and with a high degree of repeat accuracy. This requires the fixture /holder to consist of a light absorbing material for X-rays. In addition, there are test specifications of the end user, which must be considered. Furthermore, it may be necessary to comply with expected high cycle inspection times. During the configuration, test positions are then defined and parameters set using the reference images. This usually happens offline before any final inspection process is implemented.


Detect Missing Parts

The main aim of this project is to detect missing parts from a car's air filter using its X-ray image.

High Accuracy

Missing Parts Detection System captures Xray image of moving objects on converyor belt. Images are then checked and missing parts are detected using image processing techniques with high accuracy.


The process of fault detection in air carburetor is very much secure and reliable.

There are different possibilities for dealing with rejected parts. Either the part is automatically ejected or discarded/marked without any further inspection, or the X-ray images are “post-scored”, i.e. stored and visually evaluated by a trained operator. This visually evaluation does not have to occur during the production testing process, but later at an offline evaluation station where a determination can be made if the part is salvageable or not.


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