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    1. Image Encryption Using Scancodes and Genetic Algorithm - Hybrid Approach to Transmit a Secret Image
    2. Abstract:
      Today data security is very important and of high priority. With rapid growth in communication there is huge data transaction in mobile, internet, TV, teleconferencing, telemedicine and military applications. So to provide security to all those media there is one solution to do encryption. In this technique we will develop some scan patterns on the basis of that we will encrypt the images or using AES algorithm by user's choice. The project aims to effectively encrypt the image files and prevent it from being misused by intruders. The project work includes scan patterns using which user can encrypt their images and there will be various patterns on the basis that patterns selected image will be encrypted.

    3. Real Time Virtual Dressing
    4. Abstract:
      Trying clothes in clothing stores is usually a time consuming activity. Besides, it might not even be possible to try on clothes in such cases as online shopping. Our motivation here is to increase the time efficiency and improve the accessibility of clothes try on by creating a virtual dressing room environment.

    5. Windows 8 simulation using color tape
    6. Abstract:
      In this project we will be moving the cursor of PC using with Red tape and Green tape movement. There will be a web camera installed on the PC and it will be capturing your image continuously. Image will be pixel wise scanned for GREEN and RED tapes. In experiment we can change the color to any other distinct color tape. Once the color is extracted, we will check the position of Green pixel in that image and accordingly simulate mouse on screen. If a user keeps green tape at the same position for more than 7 seconds, it will be considered as one of the mouse event like Click or Left click. Using red tape user can click right button.

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