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    1. Cloud-Based Driver Monitoring and Vehicle Diagnostic with OBD 2 Telematics
    2. Abstract:
      Many automobile drivers are aware of the driving behaviors and habits that can lead to inefficient and unsafe driving. However, it is often the case that these same drivers unknowingly exhibit these inefficient and unsafe driving behaviors in their everyday driving activity and technical details for evaluation of Real Time Car Monitoring. Above project proposes a practical and economical way to capture / measure / evaluate inefficient, uneconomical and unsafe driving with the details about Performance, Diagnostics (Using Diagnostics Trouble Code - DTC), Fuel Consumption & Autonomy and Emission from a Vehicle. The proposed solution consists of a mobile application, running on an Android Smartphone, paired with a compatible OBD-II (On-board diagnostics II) reader.

    3. Adaptive Road Condition Estimation in Car Suspensions using Sensors
    4. Abstract:
      Nowadays we all use Google maps and its application for navigation during travelling, but these applications couldn't able to tell you any road's condition or its complexity. Road Quality and Ghats complexity analysis using android phone proposes to utilize the GPS system of phone and different sensors like accelerometer, magnetometer, etc. of android phone, so we could analyze the road and can upload this information of that road on central server so every application user can use this information during traveling. This information can be helpful to user at the time if there are multiple routes and for destination and he can choose one of the finest and shortest route.

    5. Video Frames Hierarchical Ensemble of Background Models for Motion Object Detection using Video Surveillance
    6. Abstract:
      In proposed system we have mentioned, Smart CCTV technology, which judges the situation and notifies the administrator directly or immediately responds. The most important technique of this smart CCTV related technique is to track and analyze objects within the images. Thus, object-tracking technology, which typically targets human subjects, will be implemented. The technology, which can judge the current situation in real-time by analyzing the behavioral patterns of the objects and its association with the surrounding environment, has also been studied actively.

    7. Computer Vision Based Vehicle Detection for Toll Collection System
    8. Abstract:
      In this system, a camera captures images of vehicles passing through toll booth thus a vehicle is detected through camera. Depending on the area occupied by the vehicle, classification of vehicles as light and heavy is done. When server comes to know the vehicle, then it access the information and accordingly, appropriate toll is charged.NFC enabled Smart Phones are used as Payment authenticators for this system. User options are considered for toll amount calculation.

    9. Smart Gsm Based Home Automation And Security System
    10. Abstract:
      The analysis and implementation of the home automation technology using Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) modem and Web service to control home appliances such as light, conditional system, and security system via messages is presented in this paper. Home owners will be able to receive feedback status of any home appliances under control whether switched on or off remotely from their mobile phones or on computer screen using web services. Arduino kit with the integration of mobile phone provides the smart automated house system with the desired baud rate. The proposed prototype of GSM based home automation system was implemented and tested and shows the accuracy of =98%.

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