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    1. Accident Detection and Alert System using Android Application
    2. Abstract:
      Speed is one of the basic reasons for vehicle accident. Many lives could have been saved if emergency service could get accident information and reach in time. Now a day's GPS has become an integral part of a vehicle system.Accident Detection and Alert System using Android Application proposes to utilize the capability of a GPS receiver to monitor speed of a vehicle and detect accident basing on monitored speed and send accident location to an alert service Center. The GPS will monitor speed of a vehicle and compare with the previous speed every second through a central server. Whenever the speed will be below the specified speed, it will assume that an accident has occurred. The system will then send the accident location has occurred. The system will then send the accident location acquired from the GPS along with the time and speed by utilizing the GSM network. This will help to reach the rescue service in time and save valuable human life.

    3. Android Mobile Mail Server - Smart & User Friendly Email Channel for Non-Internet Phones
    4. Abstract:
      Main objective was to give facility to user so he can send email through his cell phone even though he does not have internet connection. This is done by sending sms to mobile server. This mobile server will receive the sms from user and as per sms send request main web server. Web server will send the mail on behalf of user to recipient. What's new: No one can able to send mail without internet connection. Because of this project user can able to send mail by just small sms. He will not depend on internet connection on his phone, or he doesn't require any smart phone. User's who ever is travelling or not having a smart phone with internet connectivity will be able to send emails on the fly without having much typing overhead.

    5. Buddy tracking - efficient proximity detection
    6. Abstract:
      The proposed system provides the best approach for searching friends' location on map. This application based on social networking, where user can follow his friends, he can make new friends, etc.In this Project, we basically deal with the user specific need, about data it requires. We provide user with specific location. The objective of the project is to integrate different solutions and services in an innovative 2-3G service. The project aims at developing and validating an innovative approach for location based prediction the project will allow for the demonstration of wireless location tracking and prediction.

    7. Emergency Management System
    8. Abstract:
      The Emergency Management System (EMS) is a system which is developed to deal with the various emergencies like fires, accidents, robberies in an efficient way. It is similar to the “911 Emergency System” in the USA. The person in an emergency or anybody at the emergency site will call the EMS to avail the service. The system works on the principles of a Client-Server system, where in the Server (Emergency Management System) responds to the requests of the Clients (the ones who require help in case of any emergency).

    9. Taxi-Hunting Recommendation System for Profit Maximization
    10. Abstract:
      The proposed system provides useful information for taxi drivers to earn more profit by mining the historical GPS trajectories. It is an important system for efficient taxi business. Recommender systems play an important role in helping online users find relevant information by suggesting information of potential interest to them. Due to the potential value of social relations in recommender systems, recommendation systems have attracted increasing attention in recent years.

    11. Future Mobile CRM in the automotive and tourist area
    12. Abstract:
      Aim of this project deal with finding tourist attractions, optimal path finding for tourist attraction, suggestions for way of transportation, and if the tourist is opting for Rented Vehicle then calculation of the fare using optimal path distance calculation provided by Google Maps API. This project also helps the tourist to lodge a complaint against the Tourist Guide's, Rented Vehicle Drivers for Diverting the tourist and charging him unfair tariff & finding out emergency numbers for the particular city. What's New: Whenever user reaches near to the tourist place images of that place pop ups on his phone. Tourist will get the places list as per his location. Here places are fetched from database as well as Google.

    13. Android-Based Mpayment Service Protected By 3-Factor Authentication
    14. Abstract:
      Mobile devices, such as cell phones, and PDAs are becoming more popular each day. The large number of mobile users along with the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices has created a huge market for mobile commerce. But for that market to be realized users have to trust the security measures of m-commerce in general and m-payment in particular. In this project a secure m-payment protocol for mobile devices has been proposed. Project uses a 3 factor authentication method: 1. User id and password authentication 2. IMEI and SIM serial no verification 3. Face Authentication using Eigen vector.

    15. Anti-Phishing Approach To M-Banking Apps Using Images
    16. Abstract:
      The proposed system provides the best approach for secure communication between an m-banking client and server application. Android App sends data in a never used before manner using random Bit steganography along with anti-phishing approach for user. The main aim of this paper is to safeguard user from phishing android apps by using images and data is encrypted and steganographed before sending to server using images.

    17. Land Vehicle Tracking Application On Android Platform Using Java
    18. Abstract:
      As urban living environment is becoming more and more complex, the road condition is becoming worse because of heavy traffic, increase of traffic accidents and high ratio of empty vehicles. It increases the cost of transportation and wastes time of vehicle movement. To solve such problems, we have developed land vehicle tracking system. A land vehicle tracking system determines the position of vehicle using phone via gps and displays the position on a digital map. This app has many real-time applications in real world.

    19. Location Irrespective WLAN Monitoring
    20. Abstract:
      The main objective of this project is to provide maximum details about the network to the administrator on their mobile phone, when he/she is away from office / goes out station. In a concern, computers are grouped together to form a network. To manage and control the activities of the network while in office is an easy task. But, while you are outstation / away from office, how do you go about with monitoring and controlling of network? Instead of depending on third party information, you can always have your cell phone serve the purpose. Just load the project in your cell phone, login anytime to the application and see who is busy with what in the office. Consider a WLAN setup with the server machine. The interaction between the clients and the wireless media happens through this server. Today, the world is rapidly changing the statement ''We are in the world'' to ''World is in our hands''. The main aim of our project is to control and monitor the LAN network from our wireless handheld device i.e. cell phone from anywhere irrespective of distance.

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