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  1. Customer Behaviour analysis using visualization case study
  2. Credit Card Customers Segmentation
  3. Proactive Attrition Management
  4. Predicting Loan Default
  5. Sentiment Analysis
  6. Time Series Forecasting
  7. Key Drivers for Customer credit card spending
  8. Social Media Analytics Case Study


  1. Cloud-Based Driver Monitoring and Vehicle Diagnostic with OBD 2 Telematics
  2. Adaptive Road Condition Estimation in Car Suspensions using Sensors
  3. Video Frames Hierarchical Ensemble of Background Models for Motion Object Detection using Video Surveillance
  4. Computer Vision Based Vehicle Detection for Toll Collection System
  5. Smart Gsm Based Home Automation And Security System


  1. Accident Detection and Alert System using Android Application
  2. Android Mobile Mail Server - Smart & User Friendly Email Channel for Non-Internet Phones
  3. Buddy tracking - efficient proximity detection
  4. Emergency Management System
  5. Taxi-Hunting Recommendation System for Profit Maximization
  6. Future Mobile CRM in the automotive and tourist area
  7. Android-Based Mpayment Service Protected By 3-Factor Authentication
  8. Anti-Phishing Approach To M-Banking Apps Using Images
  9. Land Vehicle Tracking Application On Android Platform Using Java
  10. Location Irrespective WLAN Monitoring


  1. A Stock Market Prediction Model using Neural Network
  2. CRPM - Data Mining-Based Institutional Performance System To Measure Candidate Potential
  3. Enabling Fine-grained Multi-keyword Similarity Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
  4. Friendbook A Semantic-Based Friend Recommendation System for Social Networks
  5. Relational Collaborative Topic Regression for Recommender Systems
  6. Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using Hadoop
  7. Using Supervised Learning To Classify Clothing Brand Styles


  1. A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls
  2. Anti-Money Laundering Strategy For Financial Institutions using hadoop
  3. Dynamic MR allocation for map reduce framework
  4. Obd Simulator - Monitoring Inefficient And Unsafe Driving Behavior
  5. Product Aspect Ranking And Its Applications Using Sentiment Analysis
  6. Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using Hadoop
  7. Video Surveillance Over Camera Network Using Hadoop


  1. Image Encryption Using Scancodes and Genetic Algorithm - Hybrid Approach to Transmit a Secret Image
  2. Real Time Virtual Dressing
  3. Windows 8 simulation using color tape


  1. Agent-Based, Peer-to-Peer Mobile Application
  2. Authentication Scheme for session passwords using colors and images
  3. Data Security Using Armstrong numbers and colors
  4. Phish Mail Guard Phishing Mail Detection Technique by using Textual and URL Analysis
  5. Textual-Formula Based password Authentication System

Technowings Pune | IEEE Android Project List | Final Year Project List | Latest IEEE Papers | IEEE Papers in Mobile Computing

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