Image Processing Solutions

Facial Recognition

Identifying / Detecting a Particular person’s face. Facial recognition has a variety of applications, in order to provide exclusive services to high-level security systems.

Emotion Recognition

Application examples include assessing the level of a customer’s satisfaction, allowing a smart camera to shoot a photo at the right moment, etc.

Grading and Sorting

Classifying objects according to their quality (e.g., grading fruits and vegetables) and then sorting them accordingly.


An optical system utilization to count in out persons or products on commercial product line.

Damage Assessment

Identifying damage issues in complex electronic devices, vehicles, etc through deep learning.

Optical Character Recognition

Reading and detect texts and number sequences (printed and handwritten). OCR projects are used for data entry detection and process automation.

X-ray Imaging Services

Assisting diagnosticians in reading plane X-ray images, CT-, and MRI-scans, ultrasound scans (including 3D and 4D), color Doppler, etc. Enhancing clinical images, measuring blood flow, detecting and suggesting a diagnosis.

Abnormal Event Detection

Identifying behavior anomalies and alarms in surveillance videos, counting people traversing a passage.