Cross-platform mobile apps provide a mobile-first approach; customer can save big on development time as a single code base is ported into multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows without extra development cost.

We at TechnoWings prefer writing cross-platform apps to help our client to achieve better quality and maintainability at the same development price.

React Native

We are using React Native as it offers seamless user experience and allows React programmers to release updates instantly without entering the app stores. We have worked on most of the cross-platform app development frameworks like Ionic, Apache Cordova and React Native. Based on our experience react native is the best option for most of the client's needs.

Why we prefer to React Native i.e MERN Stack?

Parameter React Native Apache Cordova Ionic
Performance High Slower Slower
Battery Usage Less Medium Significantly Higher
Reusability Platform Specific Code needs to be altered Reuse of existing native libraries Code Reusability is minimum
Hardware Compatibility Itself is capable Do not have much control over hardware Apache Cordova is used
Development Cost Cheaper Medium to High Medium
Development Time for a Sample App 1.5 month 3 months 1 month
Code Maintainability High Difficult to Maintain Difficult to Maintain
Native Platform Support High Low Low

We will prefer the React Native as it gives the high performance and easy to learn compared with similar types of other platforms. In addition, React Native provides:

  • High Performance
  • Less Battery Usage
  • Code Reusability
  • Hardware Compatibility
  • High Code Maintainability with less development Cost